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The first branch of the Russian State Academy of Intellectual Property in Russia will soon be opened in Penza at 3 Okruzhnaya Street (lit. k1). The rector of the RGAIS, Alexandra Arakelova, spoke about the importance of creating a branch.

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"Intellectual property is now becoming one of the drivers of the economy in modern Russia. I believe that the Volga Higher Academy of Intellectual Property, which is being built in Penza, will benefit not only the Sursky Region, but also other regions. A number of programs of higher and secondary vocational education will be launched here, which are focused on those specialists who will be closely connected with the issues of intellectual property protection, " the federal expert noted.


As part of her visit to Penza, Alexandra Arakelova held an interregional online seminar, which was attended by the Chairman of the Government of the Penza Region, Nikolai Simonov. The key topic of the seminar was the role of intellectual property in the development of innovations and increasing the economic sustainability of the region.


Later, the Governor Ivan Belozertsev and the federal expert discussed the participation of the RGAIS branch in the implementation of higher education and secondary vocational education programs in the region, as well as training specialists of organizations and institutions located in the Penza region in basic competencies in the field of intellectual property.

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